Our Products

Krishi Star brings fresh from the farm products to your kitchen.

Farm Fresh Products

Expect the freshest and highest quality products for your restaurant, hotel, or home kitchen. Give us a ring at 91 22 24133255.

Krishi Star – Tomato Paste

Our Thick Tomato Paste adds straight from the vine flavour to any dish. Bonus: now comes in a resealable bag.

Krishi Star – Dried Oyster Mushroom

Roasted, braised, or stewed, our dried oyster mushrooms make the perfect addition to any meal—from mushroom risottos to oriental soups.

Krishi Star – Tomato Puree

Imagine the juiciest and richest tomatoes bottled up in this classic puree. The best ingredient for thickening and adding a deep tomato flavour.

Krishi Star – Sun Dried Tomatoes

The highest quality sundried tomatoes sliced in half and soaked in an extra virgin olive oil. Why not include a healthy burst of flavour in your dish?

Krishi Star- Whole Peeled Tomatoes

Our take on this staple in every chef’s kitchen. Its remarkable flavour comes from the freshest and finest quality tomatoes.

About Us

A farm to fork business that is ending poverty among farmers in rural India.

Two hundred million farmers in India struggle to earn enough income.

Currently, rural farmers in India are trapped in an economic environment where they have little ownership of the value chain and little access to higher margin markets. This means they have unstable and low incomes. We’re here to change that.

The Krishi Stars






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What Our Customers Say About Us

Chef Cherina Gamadia

Chef Bhuke Plate

"Your sundried tomatoes are amazing ....plump and not too tart"

Chef Raju Mandal

Executive Chef - Tea Villa

"Over the past year, our chain restaurants have benefited immensely from using Krishi Star products in all our Italian and continental dishes. Their all-natural products have the taste I have long looked for. Consistency in taste is at the heart of my pasta sauces and pizzas. Krishi Star gives me that and more, like exceptional quality and diligent customer service. My purchase team has high regard for them for their on-time delivery policy, going out of their way with immediate deliveries in cases of emergency orders."

Chef Rakesh Talwar

The Spare Kitchen - Head Chef

"Thank god for a product like this to enter my kitchen, firstly locally produced and then giving me the consistency that I need every time. No more worrying about the quality of tomatoes coming to us, am planning to expand the spectrum of dishes that I'm gonna use it in."

Puja Ganguli

Chef & Food Journalist

"I started my journey with Krishi Star as a recipe developer and food consultant. Working with their range of products, I realised how versatile they were. I was particularly impressed by their whole peeled tomatoes. They are perfect for anything ranging from a chunky sauce for your pasta to adding a hit of tang to your curry."

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    Krishi Star, 519 Bharat Industrial Estate Tokersy Jivraj Road Sewri (W), Mumbai – 400 015 India

  • info@krishistar.com

  • 91 22 24133255