About Us

Our Vision

A team that puts farmers first

We’re on a mission to end poverty for the 200 million smallholder farmers in India. We do this through two ways:


1 - Increasing farmer ownership of the value chain

Currently, rural farmers are trapped in an economic environment where they have little ownership of the value chain. This means they have unstable and low incomes. Krishi Star empowers farmers with greater ownership, resulting in more stable and higher incomes.

2- Connecting farmers to higher margin markets

Most smallholder farmers in India have little access to higher margin markets. By supporting farmer-owned processing units, we bridge the gap between the farmer and the urban customer. 


Let’s impact more farmers. Email us at info@krishistar.com with any questions.

Our Model

A model that transforms lives

Krishi Star is a social enterprise that pioneers agricultural development. We're creating a network of profitable farmer-owned processing units and selling their products through our Krishi Star brand.