Krishi Star


Krishi Star is dedicated to improving incomes for small farmers in India. We are creating a network of profitable farmer-owned food processing units and selling their products through the Krishi Star brand.

Operating Model

Farmers benefit from our model in two main ways.

  • First, farmers receive a higher than market price for their crops in return for small changes in their harvesting patterns that achieve higher quality per our requirements.
  • Second, as owners of the processing unit, farmers share in the unit’s profits. We target an increase in incomes for farmers of over 300%.

Crops and Products

  • Tomatoes: We are currently working with tomato farmers in Maharashtra and Gujarat and selling their processed tomato products in Mumbai.
  • More products and geographies: We endeavor to be a brand that represents farmer ownership in the economy. We are expanding to include other products, markets, and geographies.